Behyek’s pickled cucumber
Handpicked pickled cucumberswill complete your tables and dishes in a memorable taste
Behyek’s Tomato paste
Behyek’s Tomato pasteis produced from the best raw materials using fully automatic system without manual intervention
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Behyek food production Factory was constructed and started the business 60 kilometers north of Shiraz in 1993 in the most fertile plains of Fars with the aim of producing tomato paste and related products with efforts and ambition and belief in the unique matchless God.
The first steps were taken with attention to the future with studying and consideration of producing a product with is worthy of the name of Iran and Fars.
Paying high attention to high quality, observance of all principles of health and utilization of experiencedpersonnel, required the factory to use modern and mechanizedmachines. Therefore, the company decided to target the best products available for purchase, and make product development plans operational.
Now that nearly three decades of serving andproduction of food products with behyek logo have passed, we have been able to meet the tastes of fastidious compatriots with abaggage of experience.
The insistence on using the highest quality products in the province, rigorous monitoring and permanent control of inputand produced product quality along with utilization of packaging with the higheststandards are among items which have been considered asthe basic principles in the factory and are applied with sensitivity.
Behyek’s Food Production Factory has sent two specialized product of tomato paste andpickled cucumberto domestic and foreign market in form of different packages in specific weights according to market needs.
Undoubtedly, production of a product which meets consumers’ tastes in different spectra is a very difficult responsibility which has been fulfilled by Behyek by giving priority to product quality andobserving all the rules of healthy and standard production

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