Behik Food Products Production Factory was built and started operating in 1994, 60 km north of Shiraz and in the middle of the most fertile plains of Fars, with the aim of producing tomato paste and related products, with the support of hard work and dedication, and belief in an incomparable one. Looking to the future, the initial steps were taken by studying and considering the production of a product worthy of the name of Iran and Fars. Paying close attention to very high quality, complying with all hygiene principles and using experienced personnel, made the factory need to use modern and mechanized machines. Therefore, the factory decided to buy the best available to produce the target products. and implement production development plans.

Now that we have spent nearly three decades of serving and producing food products with a brand name, with a bag of experience, we have been able to respond to the demanding tastes of our dear compatriots. Insistence in using the best quality products of the province, very strict monitoring and constant control of the quality of incoming and produced products along with the use of packaging with the highest standards are among the things that are considered as basic principles in the factory. and it is applied with sensitivity.

The food products factory has specialized in two products, tomato paste and pickled cucumber, in the form of various packages according to the market’s needs in specific weights for domestic and foreign consumption. Undoubtedly, producing a product that can meet the consumer’s taste in different ranges is a very difficult responsibility, which has been achieved by prioritizing the quality of the product and following all the principles of healthy and standard production.