Benefits of pickled cucumber

When most people hear “healthy life” and “proper nutrition”, they think that they should give up all the delicious foods and eat vegetables and such foods continuously in order to build a healthy routine and lifestyle, if this is not the case and If you eat many of the foods you used to eat; Find out that you can change your eating habits by eating your favorite foods correctly and at the same time maintain your health. One of the most popular foods that is eaten along with fast foods and other foods is pickled cucumbers.

Pickles have a pleasant taste that most people, in addition to eating it with food, also consume it separately. In addition to the fact that this delicious food has a unique taste, the benefits of pickled cucumbers should not be neglected. In the modern world, we should not ignore the importance of good food and we should try to identify useful foods and live a healthier life by consuming them in the right amount. It is interesting to know that pickled cucumber is very beneficial for health and prevents many diseases.

Pickled cucumber; An important factor for health

Pickled cucumber is composed of wonderful ingredients and the property of pickled cucumber is great for health. Pickles are a source of beneficial bacteria, antioxidants and nutrients, each of which can be effective in treating and preventing disease and strengthening your body system. Among the benefits of pickled cucumber for improving health, the following can be mentioned.

  • Digestive system of the body: One of the recommendations of doctors around the world to improve the functioning of the digestive system is to eat healthy foods that help digest food more. Pickled cucumber contains a rich amount of probiotics, the main work of probiotics is to help digestion. Probiotics are actually useful bacteria that are in the body and by breaking down and producing indigestible fibers, they make the process of food digestion easier for you.
  • Helping the stomach: one of the ingredients of pickled cucumber is vinegar, which is very useful for the stomach, and the main job of vinegar is to slow down the acid production process in the stomach, which itself has beneficial effects on the body, and it is very important for pregnant women. Recommended. Eating pickles during pregnancy is good for reducing nausea, and this is due to the presence of vinegar in pickles. Of course, it should not be overlooked that excessive consumption of pickled cucumbers can be extremely dangerous for pregnant women, because pickled cucumbers contain salt in addition to vinegar, and excessive consumption of pickled cucumbers during pregnancy cannot harm the mother and the fetus. be good
  • Eliminates bad breath: the properties of pickled cucumber are diverse, for example, if you have stomach problems or digestive problems; You will be plagued by problems such as bad breath, and consuming pickled cucumbers can free you from these problems.

Pickled cucumber ingredients

The ingredients and ingredients of pickled cucumber include the following, and each of these has an effect on the benefits of pickled cucumber and the properties of pickled cucumber.

  • magnesium
  • sodium
  • calories
  • phosphorus
  • Manganese
  • iron
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin A
  • Dietary fiber
  • carbohydrate

How to make homemade pickles

Now that you are familiar with the benefits of pickled cucumber and its properties for health, it is good to be able to make it manually and at home and enjoy its unique taste.

Ingredients needed to make a jar of pickled cucumbers

small cucumber one kilogram
white vinegar A glass
hot pepper three numbers
garlic five numbers
water two glasses
Tarragon one hundred grams
dill one hundred grams
white alum As much as two sugar cubes
coriander seeds A quarter of a teaspoon
salt half a glass

first stage:

First, wash the cucumbers carefully and remove the extra parts and ingredients so that the skin of the pickled cucumber is not damaged and remains healthy. After that, wash the tarragon again and put it in a separate container. Preferably use a strainer to remove excess water.

second stage:

At this stage, your pickled cucumbers should be dry, and if the water of the pickled cucumbers is not completely separated from it, try to remove the moisture of the pickled cucumbers with a napkin in order to preserve the properties of the pickled cucumbers and prevent the pickled cucumbers from getting moldy. .

third level:

At this stage, we pour two glasses of water in a suitable pot and put it on very low heat and add salt water and vinegar to it before it boils.

Fourth step:

After the water boils and the salt dissolves completely in the water, it’s time to peel and wash the garlic, and just like the previous step, we need to dry the garlic so that it can fully benefit from the pickled cucumber. In the meantime, put aside the pot in which the salt is dissolved so that the combined water and vinegar cool down well.

The fifth step:

We are in the final stages of making pickled cucumbers, and at this stage, we must put hot pepper, garlic, tarragon, dill and coriander seeds together with the pickled cucumbers in a glass container, and after pouring all the ingredients into the glass, put a piece of white alum inside the glass. put White alum has a great effect on the rejection of cucumbers, and finally, pour the mixture you made (of vinegar, water and salt) into the glass so that it covers the pickles completely.

One of the things that you should pay attention to when preparing pickles is that you must close the door of the pickles with freezer plastic so that no air penetrates inside the pickles to prevent your pickles from spoiling.

final word

Our effort in writing this article was to introduce you to the benefits of pickled cucumbers, properties of pickled cucumbers in general, and properties of pickled cucumbers for health, and finally, we taught how to prepare homemade pickled cucumbers so that you can easily access healthy and delicious pickled cucumbers. do.

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